Our Locations

    • Nature and Scenery

      Mauritius is famous for its impressive natural scenery.  It is dotted with mountain peaks and lakes, stripped with sugarcane fields, rivers and forest, and encircled with golden beaches and the emerald sea.  

    • Natural Reserves

      Several protected areas in Mauritius boast an outstanding variety of landscapes, plant and bird species. Amazing shooting location with its stunning beauty.

    • Streets & Townscapes

      Mauritius’ sophisticated economy has enabled the development of a modern infrastructure with newly-built roads, buildings served by contemporary architectural designs and state-of-the-art shopping malls.
    • Visual Icons

      Mauritius is a ready-made location for films due to its rich history.  Attractive locations with high historical and emotional value will inspire film-makers for the big screen as well as for television movies.
    • Hotels

      Mauritius is famous for its prestigious list of hotels that offer a stylish combination of elegant interior architecture, varied settings that overlook the sea and ability to adapt to film-makers’ needs.  
    • Outer Islands

      Mauritius is surrounded by several small islands that are cherished by film-makers for their wilderness, stunning beauty and rich flora and fauna.

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